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The Tattooed Lady: A History

By Amelia Klem Osterud

While there are numerous picture books covering the subject of tattooed women, there has never been a book on this subject that examines the subject so thoroughly and in this much detail.

Living in a time when it was scandalous even to show a bit of ankle, a small number of courageous women covered their bodies in tattoos and traveled the country, performing nearly nude on carnival stages. These gutsy women spun amazing stories for captive audiences about abductions and forced tattooing at the hands of savages, but little has been shared of their real lives. Though they spawned a cultural movement (almost a quarter of Americans now have tattoos) these women have largely faded into history.

The first book of its kind, The Tattooed Lady uncovers the true stories behind these women, bringing them out of the sideshow realm and into their working-class realities. Combining thorough research with more than a hundred historical photos, this social history explores tattoo origins, women's history, and circus lore. A fascinating read, The Tattooed Lady pays tribute to a group of unique and amazing women whose legacy lives on.

Hardcover. 160 pages. Measures 8" X 10"

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